Hosted by Neu! Reekie! on 17th Aug 2012, in a sold out bear pit of an auditorium at Summerhall in Edinburgh, two crack teams of writers - Team Edinburgh and Team Chicago - went head to head in a story slam.  

Refereed by Gavin “Boaby The Barman” Mitchell, Team Edinburgh narrowly edged a win against the Chicago Boys.

Team Edinburgh:  Kevin Williamson (capitano), Alan Bissett, Jenni Fagan, Gordon Legge & Irvine Welsh.

Team Chicago:  Irvine Welsh (capitano), Bill Hillman, Enid Mruiz, John Hemingway, Brian Murphy.  (Welsh was batting for both sides).

As can be seen from Ryan McGovern’s wonderful photos in this video put together by Kevin Williamson a Beegeetastic great night was had by all.